Mozilla Technologies and Business Solutions

Mozilla technologies offer unique advantages over traditional software development techniques. Using Mozilla, you are combining proven open web technologies with cross-platform rich client application development.

So essentially Mozilla provides the runtime interpretation of non-compiled languages such as xml, javascript and css. In turn lending itself to being a viable alterative to the more costly development cycle of traditional software development. This is the very reason web application development has become such a widely deployed business solution.

Mozilla takes the advantages provided by web technologies to the next logical step superceding html which falls short in the user interface space.

Software Development and Consultation

Mozdev Group, Inc. will provide the Mozilla experience and expertise necessary to meet your specific business needs. From software development to technical consultation to our open-source tools, libraries and toolkits, your company will have the resources required to help effectively develop your products and solutions.

Retainer Program

Place Mozdev Group, Inc. on a monthly retainer for Mozilla technology consultation or software development to assure immediate response time and the professional attention you need to help fulfill your project requirements and meet your deadlines on time.


Mozdev Group, Inc. offers, a suite of open-source tools, toolkits and libraries for the development of effective cross platform applications. Our products and services are best suited for small and medium sized businesses and organizations looking for innovative solutions that meet todays demands to cut cost while reaching the widest range of operating systems possible for products and solutions.

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