Mozdev Group, Inc. is a software development company specialising in all aspects of Mozilla development. Our work for various clients currently and in the past include such projects as a C++/XPCOM drawing/graffiti recognition XPI add-on, many custom browser distributions including a Kiosk browser, XUL-based applications, plugins, hunting down C++ memory leaks, and so on. Our services essentially run the full spectrum of Mozilla software development.

As part of our basic service to all clients, we offer complete project and source hosting with development tools such as Bugzilla bug tracking system, CVS & CVSweb for source control, Mailman archived Mailing Lists, and more. In addition weekly status reports and engineering time sheets are provided.
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Explore the Showcase accompanied on this page to discover some of the work that we have done and learn more about some of our clients.

Other Clients


Angelsoft Logo Angelsoft LLC was founded on a vision: that technology has the potential to automate and simplify the business of angel investing. Angelsoft has built the first group management and deal collaboration platform designed specifically for the angel community.
Mozdev Group were asked to help build the client in the client-server Angelsoft framework. While this was one of the more technically challenging projects that MDG has been involved with, it is certainly one of the more rewarding.


Linspire Logo Linspire, Inc. is a consumer-driven company with the mission of bringing choice to computer users through new and extremely affordable computing options. At the core of Linspire is the Linspire operating system that delivers the power, stability and cost-savings of Linux with the ease of Windows.
Mozdev Group was originally hired by Linspire to provide bug fixes and enhancements to their Internet Suite. Our relationship solidified and evolved into something very fruitful.

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum Logo The Brooklyn Museum is the second largest art museum in New York City and one of the largest in the United States. One of the premier art institutions in the world, its permanent collection includes more than one and a half million objects, from ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art, and represents almost every culture.
Our task was to deliver a customized Mozilla browser for a Kiosk, basically a full-screen, locked-down, browser with access to settings disabled.


Netscape Logo Netscape Communications Corporation, based in Mountain View, California, aims to be the leading provider of open software that links people and information over the Internet and intranets.
MDG were hired by Netscape to deliver a customized Toolbar, with Search capabilities, a Popup blocker and other features, for their Netscape 7.2 browser distribution.


Codehost Logo Codehost offers turnkey solutions, software development and business development services. Their business model combines a superior technical staff with solid industry expertise in the areas of Linux, Unix, Embedded Software, Printing and Mobile Computing.
Mozdev Group was hired by Codehost to produce a Handwriting Recognition Interface (HRI), otherwise known as a graffiti drawing recognition engine.

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